Chennai neuroscience Foundation started off as a Neurosurgery unit, but has spread its wings to provide treatment for all medical and surgical areas. Chennai Neuroscience Foundation (CNS) has been established by Dr. M. Kodeeswaran, a neurosurgeon with more than 17 years clinical experience in the field of Neurosurgery. Chief Neurosurgeon Dr. KodeeswaranMarappan specializes in brain and spine surgeries. The CNS team of doctors comprises of Specialists from the medical and surgical department, who are interlinked and interdependent on each other to give out the best possible management. CNS operates with a single motto in mind- to strive towards making progresses in neuro and health sciences available to our patients as quickly, and effectively, as possible. We are Operating out of:
  • Apollo Group of Hospitals
  • Prime Indian Hoapital
  • LifeMed Hospital
We assure you Quality care at an Affordable price in the most Experienced Hands in the city.

What Can We Do For You

Neurological Disorders Treated Today

CNS treats all ailments that arrise out of tissue related issues in the brain and the spine. They include injury to the tissue, infections, damage to blood circulation, tissue malformation at birth, electrical malfunction, etc.
Complete list of Ailments Treated at CNS

Psychiatry And Neuro-Wellness Are Coming

CNS has arranged Neuroscience Services into a Pyramid. CNS is rolling out services from the base of the pyramid, which requires more rigor, training and dedication, adding higher layers as we go.
CNS' Service Roll Out Plan

What Is Driving Us


Many things that were impossible in neuroscience are now becoming possible. There is tremendous amount of work satisfaction, and leadership opportunities, to be gained by harnessing the coming tsunami of innovation.


CNS Foundation will strive towards making the progresses in neurscience available to our patients as quickly, and effectively, as possible. While doing so, CNS Foundation shall maintain the highest safety and service standards among all neuroscience players in its city.

Who Are Driving Us

Medical Team

Medical Team at CNS Foundation is headed by Dr. Kodeeswaran Marappan, a neurosurgeon with excellent patient outcome. For many years now, he has been the most recommended doctor/surgeon on
All Consultants at CNS

Management Team

Management Team at CNS is headed by Dr. Kodeeswaran, an Doctor with special interest in leaerning Management activity. He has started, manages or advises several innovative and cutting edge medical ventures, including CNS.
Full Management Team

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